The Pros and Cons of Mink Eyelashes

Surely, everyone wants to achieve longer and fabulous looking eyelashes. And to help you with that, ‘mink eyelashes’ is your best option. It is definitely a great choice applying eyelashes extensions to have a more sophisticated and luxurious look. While it can give so many advantages, there are also some cons that you may encounter. Still, it will be up to you on how you will properly manage them. But before you start your ‘eyelashes mission’ you have to know the pros and cons first, to give you the idea of what eyelashes choices is the best for you.


Of course, after having your mink eyelashes, the first advantage is that it will look amazingly beautiful the moment you open your eyes until you close it.

• No mascara

With mink eyelashes, you won’t need to worry about your ‘walking dead’ look whenever your mascara smeared off in your face. There will be no smudging mascara along your eyelids once you are applying it and you won’t need to retouch every single hour. In addition to this, mink eyelashes can make you look like having permanent mascara.

• Your eyes will look amazing

The moment you open your eyes and the moment you close it for sleep, it will still look amazingly gorgeous, where you don’t need to worry about washing off and applying it again.

• Enhances your makeup

With your longer and thick mink eyelashes, you won’t need to put hard and thick make up just to enhance your beauty and features. Having fabulous eyelashes can also enhance the make- up that you have put into your face. Whether you have your make- up or not, you will still look gorgeous without putting so much effort.

• Your eyes will pop!

Having your borderline starlet mink eyelashes can truly appear like having a professional make- up artist who spent an ample time for applying the correct lining and mascara in your eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes the supreme of the show that can accentuate all your peepers.


• You can’t use oil
Based make up, oil- based cleanser and oil-based make up remover for wetting your eyelashes. The reason for this is that, oil- based products can break the semi- permanent glue that causes of falling out prematurely and may remove them instantly. You can wet your lashes, but make sure to not allow them of getting wet on a longer period time.

Mink eyelashes are definitely a good choice especially for those who wanted to achieve more fabulous lashes that may look all naturally. Yes, you will experience some disadvantages, but then its advantages are limitless where you would want to immediately apply it. To have a much better result, you should look for the best service provider that can help you with this.

Remember, it is still important to look for a high quality and safe materials that will be used in your eyelashes. To achieve this, Princess Lashes can be your best option which can fill up your ‘eyelashes goals’. They are offering the best quality made mink lashes that are hand crafted by a soft brushing live animal. With this procedure, they are also ensuring that there are no harmed animals that were involved during the process.