5 Reasons about why you should use Quality Fake Eyelashes

Among some beautiful creatures of nature one is women! There are many factors that are responsible behind the overall good looks where eyes play a major role, since they are the first medium of communication and show others a glimpse about an individual’s personality! If you are a lady then you are at the right place since this post will be giving you the essential information that you might not be aware of till now! Yes, it is about the benefits of using fake eyelashes to enhance the beauty of your normal eyes. So let us quickly have a look at them;

a) Convenience – If you search well in the market then you’ll find lots of options that comes with different features and types to choose the one that best suits to your eyes. So, just pick the right product and enjoy the convenience of attaching them to your eyes. It will save much of your time and avoid any makeup on your precious eyes!

b) Ready to Use – Imagine a scenario if you are late for a meeting, or to attend a party! You do not have much time for touchups on your face. In this case the best option for you will be to use fake eyelashes! After all, they are well-separated, easy to attach and remove, never stick, smear or clump with each other!

c) Beauty – No doubt by using a right pair of artificial eyelashes or extensions can sure will be going to add to your beauty. It also works best for those who prefer to live simple without much artificial touch on their face! You can give a nice length to your natural eyelashes and of any color especially for occasions and enhance your personality.

d) Experts Recommended – There are many beauty professionals who ask their clients to prefer wearing fake eyelashes to multiply the natural look and avoid dark streaks. It is best other than applying eyeliner and mascara that can only length or darkens your real eyelashes!

e) Protect your Real Eyelashes – Before applying any makeup product you must have right idea about its good and bad effects on your health or natural look! In terms of false eyelashes they not only give a healthy and thick look to your natural beauty but also saves your natural eyelashes from being brittle or getting weak that is common with regular sue of mascara.

Bottom Line

No matter how keen you are in doing makeups, false eyelashes can help you to enhance the length and volume of your current eyelashes! But wait, you cannot just try any product

So, it has to be well made good quality product that doesn’t going to harm you or leave any bad effects! Hence, if you do not want to hurt your eyes or natural beauty then the ultimate solution for you would be Princess Lashes!

We are dedicated suppliers of high quality fake eyelashes for almost all type of eyes. You can check our online store to search for false eyelashes made of strong materials that you can use for weeks even while sleep! They are completely safe to the skin around your eyes, and comes without any possibility of eyelash loss.

Just give us a try if you want to try some handmade mink lashes that comes in beautiful packaging! We are based in Australia and serving different neighbouring regions as well! For more details kindly visit Princess Lashes now!

The Pros and Cons of Mink Eyelashes

Surely, everyone wants to achieve longer and fabulous looking eyelashes. And to help you with that, ‘mink eyelashes’ is your best option. It is definitely a great choice applying eyelashes extensions to have a more sophisticated and luxurious look. While it can give so many advantages, there are also some cons that you may encounter. Still, it will be up to you on how you will properly manage them. But before you start your ‘eyelashes mission’ you have to know the pros and cons first, to give you the idea of what eyelashes choices is the best for you.


Of course, after having your mink eyelashes, the first advantage is that it will look amazingly beautiful the moment you open your eyes until you close it.

• No mascara

With mink eyelashes, you won’t need to worry about your ‘walking dead’ look whenever your mascara smeared off in your face. There will be no smudging mascara along your eyelids once you are applying it and you won’t need to retouch every single hour. In addition to this, mink eyelashes can make you look like having permanent mascara.

• Your eyes will look amazing

The moment you open your eyes and the moment you close it for sleep, it will still look amazingly gorgeous, where you don’t need to worry about washing off and applying it again.

• Enhances your makeup

With your longer and thick mink eyelashes, you won’t need to put hard and thick make up just to enhance your beauty and features. Having fabulous eyelashes can also enhance the make- up that you have put into your face. Whether you have your make- up or not, you will still look gorgeous without putting so much effort.

• Your eyes will pop!

Having your borderline starlet mink eyelashes can truly appear like having a professional make- up artist who spent an ample time for applying the correct lining and mascara in your eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes the supreme of the show that can accentuate all your peepers.


• You can’t use oil
Based make up, oil- based cleanser and oil-based make up remover for wetting your eyelashes. The reason for this is that, oil- based products can break the semi- permanent glue that causes of falling out prematurely and may remove them instantly. You can wet your lashes, but make sure to not allow them of getting wet on a longer period time.

Mink eyelashes are definitely a good choice especially for those who wanted to achieve more fabulous lashes that may look all naturally. Yes, you will experience some disadvantages, but then its advantages are limitless where you would want to immediately apply it. To have a much better result, you should look for the best service provider that can help you with this.

Remember, it is still important to look for a high quality and safe materials that will be used in your eyelashes. To achieve this, Princess Lashes can be your best option which can fill up your ‘eyelashes goals’. They are offering the best quality made mink lashes that are hand crafted by a soft brushing live animal. With this procedure, they are also ensuring that there are no harmed animals that were involved during the process.


Magnetic False Eyelashes

Selecting false eyelashes can give you with an extensive range of advantages, some of you might not have thought of or understand this. At this point in time, this kind of treatment or beauty enhancement is totally safe, assisting you enhance your beauty routine on a frequent basis and at the same time lessen the need for false eyelashes which you need to put on and take off every day. There are many kinds of false eye lashes available out there and one of the most sought after one is the magnetic false eyelash.

Magnetic false eyelashes are a breakthrough in the world of beauty enhancement. This kind of false eyelashes provides you comfortable mass as well as length with no false lash effect. Magnetic false lashes also allow you to wear this without glue stick to eyelash. Who says alluring and exciting lashes can’t look natural? Striking yet modern, magnetic eye lashes are handmade lashes run with any style and look- from daylight to evening wear; this will surely make you beautiful and stunning.

State of the Art Technology
With use of state of the art pending micro-magnetic technology, magnetic eye lashes sandwich the natural eyelashes between the two extremely lightweight strips made of fiber to make a bold, dramatic line of lash in just a matter of minute. And the exceptional, patent design and style these magnetic false eyelashes look thick, long as well as lavish while looking undeniably natural. This advance solution really works for those with short lashes. These magnetic false eyelashes are perfect for all ages as well as ethnicities and also fits any shape of eye. Try this product now and experience the magnetic false eyelashes revolution today!

Essential Features of Magnetic False Eyelashes
There are many good reasons why magnetic false eyelashes are very popular at this point in time. And one of these amazing reasons is the essential features integrated into this product such as:

Time Saver:
You can wear this product fast no adhesives and dirty glues required.
Magnetic High Tech: This feature secures the magnetic lashes in place till you are set to get rid of it. This will not fall and you’ll not feel that you are wearing fake lashes.
So Easy to Put and Apply: magnetic false eyelashes are smudge proof, and also there is no messy glue to damage your eyeliner as well as your make up.

Extremely Lightweight Technology:
You will not feel that you are wearing eyelashes, all you see is a beautiful new you.
This magnetic false eyelashes measure 12 mm or 0.47 inch.Who says exciting and fascinating lashes cannot look natural? The state of the art magnetic false eyelashes creates plush, lush as well as luxurious volume and mass, with no effect of false eyelashes. Striking yet classy and chic, this magnetic lash is ideal to use any time, day or night.


The Bad Side of Magnetic False Eyelashes

A magnetic false eyelash doesn’t bend. So, if it is your very first time to use magnetic false eyelashes you may find it hard to blink your eyes. As mentioned earlier, theses lashes do not bend, and that simply means that what you usually see in a store or pictures is what you will also get. Also, depending on the shape of your eyes, magnetic false eyelashes can end-up look so far & strange from the natural one.

They are difficult to adjust. When you have put them on your eyes, you may find to make some adjustments if you want to, because remember that they can not even bend. If you really want to adjust them, you need to be very careful on how you are going to do it to prevent hurting yourself or damaging your make-up.

Magnetic false eyelashes look so cheap in their prices. Perhaps, that’s something that you have also read in many reviews about the magnetic false eyelashes. For the price that they are you will expect from a beautiful and quality looking lashes, however apparently that is not really the case & up-close, the magnetic false eyelashes can appear pretty cheap.

Magnetic false eyelashes can also cause infections. Yes, probably some of you especially for those people who have already tried using these lashes might say that they are great to use, as they help you a lot to become prettier. But, remember that they are just temporary means to increase thickness and the length of your eyelashes. They’re not permanent/everyday solution for your short & thin eyelashes.

Moreover, wearing magnetic false lashes when you are sleeping or throughout the day could cause collecting bacteria under your eyelashes glue, that most of the time lead to eye infections. This is especially true for those individuals who are not removing their lashes carefully or they didn’t use eye-makeup remover right after use. There is a great possibility that your eyes will be infected.

Additionally, when you are using magnetic false lashes, you should let your colleagues or friends borrow them, because sharing your magnetic false lashes or even your eyelash glue is one of the main causes of eye infection such as eye tiles and conjunctivitis. They are very contagious and could be passed to others by sharing any of the eye products that you are using.


False Eyelashes Offered by Princess Lashes

Princess Lashes provide false eyelashes which are simple and stress free to use and apply right at the comfort of your home. False eyelashes do wonders for your face through adding definition as well as drawing attention to your eyes, making them look brighter, bigger as well as more beautiful. With the widest selection of false eyelashes available on the market today, you can find superior, reasonable eyelashes in any length or shape. Whether it is for a very special event or to put in a finishing touch on a daily make up routine, Princess Lashes provides false eyelashes which will flatter the shape of your face as well as provide you the alluring look of remarkable and unforgettable lashes.

Princess Lashes has many product lines each with eyelashes which are perfectly as well as permanently curled, so easy to apply as well as comfortable to wear. They offer knot-free individual fake eyelashes for the most weightless feel as well as natural look. They put in just an appropriate amount of sharpness while still looking like a natural lash. The best advantage is that these are waterproof and extremely durable; also they could be worn fast. The thick mink collections are the most common line of false eyelashes from Princess lashes and these are made from human hair and what is more they are sterilized. Comprised of various lengths and styles, these eyelashes are reusable as well as easy to use, even if you are a first timer.

For a little drama, try the 3D mink false eyelashes. These types of lashes get slowly longer towards outer corners, thus gives your eye an instant lift for an amazing and youthful look. These types of false eyelashes are ideal for special occasions if you want an extra pop. One of the most sought after false eyelashes available at Princess lashes is the magnetic false eyelashes. It is integrated with advanced pending micro-magnetic technology, magnetic eye lashes sandwich the natural eyelashes between the two extremely lightweight strips made of fiber to make a bold, dramatic line of lash in just a matter of minute.

And the exceptional, patent design and style these magnetic false eyelashes look thick, long as well as lavish while looking undeniably natural. This advance solution really works for those with short lashes. These magnetic false eyelashes are perfect for all ages as well as ethnicities and also fits any shape of eye. Try this product now and experience the magnetic false eyelashes revolution today.

All of the fake eyelashes offered by Princess Lashes are extremely lightweight for a weightless feel as well as totally natural look and appearance. With all of these accessible choices, you can put emphasis on your eyes at the same time add volume, length, as well as curl, without so much effort. These eyelashes are safe to use and most of all can be obtained for a very reasonable price. Who says that you need to give out a huge amount of money to obtain the looks you want, if there is a reasonable product that can enhance your look.