The Bad Side of Magnetic False Eyelashes

  • A magnetic false eyelash doesn’t bend. So, if it is your very first time to use magnetic false eyelashes you may find it hard to blink your eyes. As mentioned earlier, theses lashes do not bend, and that simply means that what you usually see in a store or pictures is what you will also get. Also, depending on the shape of your eyes, magnetic false eyelashes can end-up look so far & strange from the natural one.
  • They are difficult to adjust. When you have put them on your eyes, you may find to make some adjustments if you want to, because remember that they can not even bend. If you really want to adjust them, you need to be very careful on how you are going to do it to prevent hurting yourself or damaging your make-up.
  • Magnetic false eyelashes look so cheap in their prices. Perhaps, that’s something that you have also read in many reviews about the magnetic false eyelashes. For the price that they are you will expect from a beautiful and quality looking lashes, however apparently that is not really the case & up-close, the magnetic false eyelashes can appear pretty cheap.
  • Magnetic false eyelashes can also cause infections. Yes, probably some of you especially for those people who have already tried using these lashes might say that they are great to use, as they help you a lot to become prettier. But, remember that they are just temporary means to increase thickness and the length of your eyelashes. They’re not permanent/everyday solution for your short & thin eyelashes.

Moreover, wearing magnetic false lashes when you are sleeping or throughout the day could cause collecting bacteria under your eyelashes glue, that most of the time lead to eye infections. This is especially true for those individuals who are not removing their lashes carefully or they didn’t use eye-makeup remover right after use. There is a great possibility that your eyes will be infected.

Additionally, when you are using magnetic false lashes, you should let your colleagues or friends borrow them, because sharing your magnetic false lashes or even your eyelash glue is one of the main causes of eye infection such as eye tiles and conjunctivitis. They are very contagious and could be passed to others by sharing any of the eye products that you are using.

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